What happens in the first session?

During our first session we discuss what has brought you into therapy. We will discuss your physical and mental health and the support round about you. It all depends of your needs. I might ask you what you want to achieve and how will that look like. It really all depends of your needs.

How long will I need therapy/ counselling/ life-coaching session for?

There are no simple answers to this question. It depends on your needs, your motivation and issues that you bring. You are free to stop therapy whenever you like, although it is often more helpful to agree and plan an end together.

Will our sessions help and how do I know if you are right counsellor for me?

There is no simple answer to this question. People attend counselling/coaching session for different reasons and have different expectations. It is important to find someone that you are comfortable with and feel you can talk to. I’m very open-minded person and I try to help with each problem with compassion and empathy. If you want to find more about me, CLICK HERE.

What type of mental health support do you offer?

Everything you should know is explained here- Counsellor. I work in an integrative approach, which means I use my knowledge and experience in ways that combine theoretical theory and skills from different therapies. I will adapt my knowledge and training to suit your needs.

How can I check if a counsellor is qualified?

If you are seeking support and advice from a counsellor or psychotherapist, it is always important that you check the qualifications and experience of your counsellor or psychotherapist. It is your life and your problems that you are going to talk about- obviously you want to choose the right person!

You can check my qualifications by clicking ABOUT ME. If you need more informations than I provided there (for example to check my degree) feel free to contact with me.

Is online counselling right for me?

You can come and see me in person, but most people are using online resources for their counselling sessions with me. I usually work from my home in Edinburgh, UK, therefore if you book a face-to-face session, we will meet at my house. I mostly provide online sessions- I have worked with clients across the world via Skype or WhatsApp. Early research has shown that using online resources to access counselling remotely is very effective, and is particularly suitable for those of us with busy lives, or who have difficulty traveling (for example mothers with young kids), or just feel more comfortable using these methods to speak to their counsellor.

What happens if I have been misheard or not understood?

Sometimes this happens in therapy or counseling sessions. We are humans and we do make mistakes. I will gently ask if I have understood everything correct. I hope that our relationship will be strong and you will say “Anna, I meant different thing, let’s talk it over.”

Will the counselling be confidential?

Yes the sessions are completely confidential apart form a few exclusions (for example: possibility of harm to self and to others).

What if we cannot work together?

If at any time I felt that your needs would be best met by other specialist services or another counsellor we will discuss possible referral options together. It is very rarely situation, but sometimes might happen: If I feel that I cannot work with you for any reason that I will advise you in the first session and recommend other services which might work better for you. You also have the right to advise me that you do not want to work with me – you can be honest about this and I will understand.

How do I pay for the session?

If we meet in person: you can pay by cash at the beginning or end of each session or pre-pay via PayPal or bank account (UK) before the start of the session. If we decided to work via Internet- you can pre-pay via PayPal or pay into bank account 48h before our scheduled session.

What happens if I miss a session?

A full charge will be made for a cancelled appointment if 48 hr notice is not received.